Puppy Love



Mans best friend. Dogs have been our constant companions for thousands of years. They were the first animals to be domesticated around 15,000 years ago, formi g an incredible bond which as lasted through the ages. Our furry friends give so much to our lives i n a way that no other two species share. This is something worth celebrating because it really is rare!

There is a lot of debate when exactly dogs split from the menacing idea of a wolf to our closest companions, and it’s also not entirely understood as to why. But one thing is clear, we have loved our dogs for a very long time. Between 168-190 AD, the Chinese Emperor Ling Ti was head over tail in love with his pups, so much so that he gave them the rank of Senior Court Officials. This gave them the rights to the finest food and even their own bodyguards.

But dogs are not only there to shower us with unconditional love. They also make our lives better in an incredible number of ways. Service dogs help those who can’t see, those with mobility issues, those who have a medical condition, and those who need psychological support. They are used in combat, in search and rescue missions, even to help with conservation projects like sniffing out the endangered kiwi. Without the aid of our trusty friends and their incredible intuition and sense of smell, life would be a lot harder.

Studies have found that stroking a dog releases oxytocin, a hormone for happiness, bonding, and affection. They’ve also shown that owning a dog can help with feelings of isolation and depression, encouraging exercise, routine, and a sense of purpose. So even in our individual private lives, dogs have a marked impact.

It is undeniable that dogs have given us so much, but there are still many cases of dogs being mistreated by humans. It seems incredible that a creature that offers so much can still receive such treatment. That is why we need a celebration. We need to remind the world of this beautiful connection we have and to show just how special this is. No two species in the animal kingdom share such a magical bond. It’s time to give thanks to our best friends with the world’ s largest public sculpture experience all about dogs.


This public sculpture experience is a celebration of man’s best friend. They have been by our side as faithful companions, protecting us and bringing us joy. Now is the time we can recognise this undying love with the biggest public sculpture in the world dedicated to our canine companions.

20 of the world’s favourite and most iconic dog breeds will be immortalised as everlasting bronze puppies, running and playing in a spectacle of joy and happiness. In the centre of it all will be a giant baby labrador, ready to play with all of the other puppies. She is a great sentinel ready to care for, love and protect each of her puppy play-mates. She personifies how all of us should act towards the creatures we have taken into our homes and hearts. Dogs have made their way into our families and we too must be ready to care for, love, and protect them. 

Each of the dog breeds has been studied by Gillie and Marc, aiming to capture the unique personalities that shine through in each breed. It will showcase the incredible diversity, not just of the look, but of the soul of dog-kind.

The pubic will be able to learn and engage with each breed in a way that they never could before. On each of the sculptures will be a QR code which will bring the dog to life with interesting facts and pictures, helping the public to develop a unique understanding and bond with each of them.

Ultimately, this public sculpture experience is a celebration. It is a celebration of this incredible connection we have built with another species; it is a celebration for all the dogs we have loved and known, but on top of all this celebrating, this sculpture is a call to action. It is calling all the dog owners and lovers to show their love and support for all canines, building a movement to protect our best friends so they can live the wonderful lives they deserve.

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