The Sculpture


The 2019 bushfires in Australia have made a huge impact, not only to the people who’s lives have been directly effected, but also on the world stage.

One particular story that caught the attention of the world was of a little koala called Lewis who was snatched from the flames by the brave Toni Doherty in Port Macquarie in NSW. Sadly, Lewis succumbed to his burns on Tuesday, leaving an even greater hole of devastation from the fires.

To help spread the message, the artists are donating to Port Central Shopping Centre and the UN in NYC a beautiful bronze memorial of Lewis to tell the story of the heroic acts of an Australian grandmother and the importance of compassion and conservation.

Expertly crafted in bronze, Lewis will sit wrapped in his bandages atop the stump of a burnt eucalyptus, the major food source for koalas.