Chihuahua Puppy

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This little pup is very tiny but he won’t grow that much bigger! His little size doesn’t stop him from anything though. He loves to play, running around like a crazy pup, but always coming back to his human for some wonderful cuddles and belly rubs. Even though he’s small he must work hard to learn about the world around him so he doesn’t get scared, this could make him aggressive when he’s older.

The pooch that has been loved by the rich and famous is one of the smallest breeds in the world but with a personality so much larger than its little frame. The Chihuahua, named after the Mexican state, has a mysterious past, but it is agreed by most that it did hail from its namesake in Mexico. It is thought by some to be an ancestor of the Techichi or Xoloitzcuintli (Xolo), ancient dog breeds of the Toltec and Maya people. The Maya believed dogs were the guardians of the afterlife and so buried them alongside their owners. These little breeds appeared to have been bred as companion dogs, and that is where the Chihuahua excels.

Chihuahuas absolutely love to be pampered. They adore attention and need a lot of love and cuddles to be happy. Because they are so little, they can often find things a bit intimidating and show aggression, hence why they have the reputation of an aggressive dog. Completely doting on their humans, they can also become very protective of them. But with proper training and socialization, these tendencies can be avoided. They may be small but Chihuahuas are very active dogs and need to be exercised. While running around and playing at home is very good, they still require a little walk each day. On cold days, consider putting them in a little sweater. As Mexican natives, they love to be warm!  

Chihuahuas are very famous and have been seen in many roles throughout popular culture. From the handbag of Paris Hilton, the face of Taco Bell, to the star of the popular song by DJ Bobo, Chihuahuas have many adorers. And they probably know it.

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