Australian Cattle Dog Puppy

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Australian Cattle Dog


This little lady can’t wait to grow up and go out to work with her human on the farm. She’s watched her mum do it and it looks so much fun, running as much as she can and nipping at the heels of the cows to make them do just what her human wants. She feels so proud to have such an important job and will prove herself the best cattle dog in Australia!

This pooch goes by many names; Australian Heeler, Blue Heeler, Queensland Heeler, or Halls Heeler. But today, the official name is the Australian Cattle Dog, owing to the incredible job it does in the wild farms of Australia, making them an indispensable member of the farming family. The name Heeler comes from the technique the dogs use to herd livestock. Nipping at the heels of the running animals, they are able to herd the most stubborn of the herd with no problems.  

When the British came to Australia they found themselves in a very different landscape to what they were used to. A wild and harsh environment, the British farm dogs they had brought along were not quite up to the job of herding cattle. The pastures would often stretch for thousands of kilometers and were unfenced, all in very rugged terrain and intensely hot temperatures. They needed a wild and hardy solution. By breeding the imported farm dogs with the wild dingos found in Australia, a new breed was created, perfectly adapted for the wilderness of Australia but still as trusty as a farm dog.

These dogs are full of energy. They love their life as a working dog but can also be a fantastic part of the family. Be warned, they need a lot of exercise, far more than your average dog. If they don’t get it they can become destructive. Their instincts for nipping must also be channeled in the right direction at an early age otherwise this can become a problem. They are fiercely loyal and incredibly affectionate especially to their one special human who they will stick to like glue. With the proper training and lifestyle, Australian Cattle Dogs can make a beautiful member of the family.

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