Great Dane Puppy

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Great Dane


This sweet girl is just a big baby. She loves to be with her people, in fact, she couldn’t think of anything worse than to be left by herself all day! She adores cuddles on the couch and likes to think of herself as a lapdog, she’s sure that when she’s older she’ll still be able to fit...

These giant dogs are one of the largest dog breeds in the world. And though their name suggests they originated in Denmark, the Danes really had no part in the development of this noble breed. Originating in Germany to take on the powerful wild boar, the Germans mixed the speed of the greyhound with the strength of the English mastiff to create a dog that was a real match for the boar. By the mid-1600s, these highly specialised dogs were seen all over Germany, and noblemen began bringing them onto their estates as companions and protectors.

Today these beautiful dogs have left their hunting days well behind. As well as a wonderful pet, they are often used as therapy dogs as they are very calm, confident, and gentle. Their great size is also perfect to help people with mobility issues. They are still a great pride for the German people, which they call the Deutsche Dogge, and were elected the country’s national dog in 1876.

These gentle giants make a wonderful addition to the family. They are very loving, loyal, and intelligent, and form a close bond with their humans. They much prefer to be inside with their people than outside by themselves as they crave the love of the family. This means that your home should be big enough to accommodate this big baby (watch out for that long tail!) and be sure to give proper training.

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