Labrador Puppy

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Labrador Puppy


This little puppy loves playing with his human. He adores people and thinks the best thing in the world is when he can make his human smile. He is still very little but he already knows his favourite things are to run, swim, and play fetch. Everything is exciting to this little pup, he can’t wait to explore it all!

One of the most popular dog breeds in the world, the labrador or lab is known as a wonderfully friendly and loving dog. Now a popular member of any family, labs were originally a fisherman’s companion. Coming from the Canadian province of Newfoundland, these pups were used to retrieve the fish from the trawl or other fishing gear, diving into the icy water. Propelled along with their short, otter-like tail which acted as a rudder, they would quickly return with their owner’s bounty. Their short, dense fur was perfect for the freezing temperatures, avoiding ice forming as they bounded in and out of the water, a problem found by longer haired pooches.  

Their incredible water and retrieving drives were noticed by visiting English in the 19th century who were very impressed. Taking a few dogs back to England, they became hugely popular with the aristocrats. They found them incredibly useful for one of their favourite sports, hunting waterfowl. If the birds fell into the water, off the labs would go, diving into the water and returning with the prize which would have been tricky for the fancy people to have retrieved themselves.

Labradors are also a favourite in the service industry. They are one of the most common breeds for guide and rescue dogs because of their sweet disposition, intelligence, loyalty, and impressive retrieving skills. With specialised training which they pick up very easily, labs have been helping people for generations.

These gorgeous pups live to please, doing everything they can to make their owner happy making them an excellent family dog. But they are also very active, needing lots of stimulation and walking every day. They are very happy when they get to go on an adventure, especially if there’s water around and sticks to chase. They can get very fat if they don’t have the proper exercise routine!

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