Poodle Puppy

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This handsome man has been primped and primed and is very proud of how gorgeous he looks. Despite his fancy looks, he is still a puppy and absolutely loves to play. He is full of energy and can chase and roll all day. He is also very cuddly though and has become very used to his life as a pampered pooch.

These regal dogs are a favourite around the world. But their origins are not entirely agreed upon. They are associated with France, in fact, they are the national dog of France, but some believe that they actually originated in Germany as water retriever dogs. Their name comes from the German word pudel which means “to splash in water”, an indication of their role back in the day retrieving the bounty from the water for their hunting masters. Their elaborate haircut is coming from this period and is not a fashion statement. The hunters wanted their dogs to easily be able to swim through the water but didn’t want them to get cold, leaving fur on their joints and vital organs in a style that are called pompons. 

The nobles of France fell in love with this gorgeous breed and took them in from their hunting lives to enjoy one of luxury. The standard poodle began to show variety, now with miniature versions popping up, perfect for the lapdog lifestyle. The toy appeared in the 20th century in the USA. Standard poodles also found work in European circuses because of their flashy looks, as well as truffle hunters because of their excellent nose.

Poodles make wonderful pets, especially for those with allergies since their coat is hypoallergenic. This wonderful mane does need a lot of grooming with regular brushing and haircuts. They are very intelligent and easy to train, yet this is also something to beware of as they can pick up some naughty habits. They are energetic dogs so need plenty of walks but are very affectionate and love to snuggle up on your lap.

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