Bull Terrier Puppy

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Bull Terrier


This wee girl may look a bit like a shark but she is very sweet. She may have had a tough past with her ancestors forced into fighting but she doesn’t have to do that now. She would be so happy with an owner who trained her well and made sure she met as many dogs as possible. Then she would have all the skills to leave those fighting instincts behind and have plenty more time to play.

These gorgeous dogs were bred for a gruesome sport, dog fighting. This barbaric sport was popular in the 19th century where dogs were set against each other or other animals in a grisly manner. To create the perfect dog for this task, the tenacious bulldog was mixed with the light and speedy terrier. These breeders had only one aim in mind, performance, so for a long time there were no breed standards. Eventually James Hinks of England became credited with the development of the bull terrier when he crossed the bulldog with the English white terrier to create an all white version, yet because of health issues they now come in an array of colours.

These lovely dogs, sometimes called ‘bullies’ are very distinctive owing to the shape of their head, reminiscent of a shark. Muscular and strong, many find the breed a tad intimidating yet they are actually very affectionate and playful. But, this is not the dog for everyone. Proper training and socialisation is crucial for this breed as they can be stubborn and a bit naughty. If not properly socialised they can also be aggressive so it is important to teach them manners as young as possible. This is not the dog for an inexperienced owner, but for those with the experience a bullie is a beautiful and loyal member of the family.

Bullies can be seen throughout popular culture from Teddy Roosevelt’s pup Bull Terrier Pete who very naughtily chased and bit the French ambassador, the star of the Budweiser commercials in the 1980’s named Spuds Mackenzie, and the mascot of Target, Bullseye.

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