French Bulldog Puppy

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French Bulldog


This little puppy has the most amazing ears. Sticking right up to the ceiling she looks a bit like a bat, one that you just can’t help but fall in love with. She seems to know she’s cute and loves nothing more than to make her human laugh. She will roll around and play all day! Well, some. There needs to be plenty of time for cuddles, right?

These cute little dogs are a huge favourite and can be seen littered through internet memes and Instagram posts, always looking fabulous. These cuties never originated in France as their name might suggest. In fact, they came out of England. Their ancestors, the bulldogs, were used for the barbaric sport of bull-baiting. When this became banned, the dogs began to be bred for other purposes, either mixed with terriers for other forms of fighting or something a bit smaller for a nice companion. Here the breed began. They were particularly popular with lace makers, but with the rise of the Industrial Revolution, the artisan lace shops closed and the pups and their owners moved over to France. The French loved them and a roaring trade between England and France began for this lovely little pup.

In come the Americans, wealthy travellers to France who also fell in love and brought them back to the States. It is them that can be thanked for the adorable bat-ears. At the time, the English and French preferred the “rose” ears, yet the Americans formed the French BullDog Club of America to create a standard to only include bat-ears, and in the 1898 Westminster dog show, the American contestants and the American judge pulled out of the show, outraged that both forms of ears were to be shown.

These short and stocky dogs are filled with energy and very lovable. They love to play and race around but they are also very happy to snuggle up with their favourite people. They are very smart but can be a bit difficult to toilet train. Altogether, this is a wonderful dog to own, particularly in a small home or a less active family. They will keep you laughing with their quirky personality.

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