Saint Bernard Puppy

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Saint Bernard


This massive puppy is going to get even bigger! She comes from a line of strong rescuers and is always eager to help out. She is a barreling puppy who loves to play but also seems to have an excess of slobber at all times. With a face as cute as hers, how could anybody mind that!

This amazing breed has its very own motto: “the St Bernard embodies dignity, devotion and sacrifice.” And it most certainly does. High up in the Swiss mountains, this dog became a saint to the travellers in the dangerous Alpine landscape. In the 11th century Bernard de Menthon, the Archdeacon of Aosta founded the Great St Bernard Hospice in the Great St Bernard Pass, a notoriously dangerous place where travellers were often attacked by bandits. The Hospice became a refuge for travellers as well as the location of a church for worshippers. It is here the dogs began their story, gifts to the monks that were bred to guard and protect the residents. After the monks saw their remarkable talents, they soon were given tasks outside of the Hospice rescuing lost travellers. They could find them even when they were buried under snow.

These gorgeous dogs became famous and known for their Alpine journeys with a cask of alcohol, potentially brandy, rum, or schnapps secured around their neck. Some believe this was an important part of rescue missions, the alcohol inside giving the freezing travellers some warmth and restoring blood flow. Others believe it is stemming from a fictitious scene in the painting “Alpine Mastiffs Reanimating a Distressed Traveler” by Edwin Landseer. They are also famous on the silver screen, starring as Nana in the Peter Pan movies, Buck in Call of the WIld, and the star of the movies Beethoven.

These massive dogs make a fantastic family pet despite their size. They are naturally protective and also have an instinctive drive to help people, making them wonderful assistance dogs. Being so large they need proper training from a young age and a good exercise regime, including walks every day. They also don’t do too well in the heat, more adept in the cooler temperatures up the mountain. Whatever the family they go to they will love you to bits, and maybe drool quite a bit while they’re at it.

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