Boxer Puppy

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This little girl loves to play. She has learnt how her front paws can be used to bat her playmate and it’s so much fun! She bounces back and forth, side to side, any direction as fast as she can. She’s so full of beans she could just play all day!

These large, bouncy dogs are a sleek and elegant breed and can be traced back to the late 19th century in Germany. Their ancestors, the Bullenbeisser (meaning bull biter) were very large and strong and had been bred as big-game hunters, chasing down and holding huge prey such as wild boar, bison, and even bears! With changes in politics, these hunts came to a halt and a call for a sleeker dog came forth. The bullenbeisser was bred with smaller English mastiffs and the boxer of today was born.

This new breed was a hit and the pup was set to work alongside hunters once again but also for many other tasks. They became the first police dogs used in Germany and have also been used as war dogs (in both World Wars), guard dogs, guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, and much more. They were given their name because of the interesting way the dog plays or defends itself, using its front paws in a way similar to a sparring fighter. 

Of course, boxers make wonderful members of the family and are a very popular choice. They are very sweet with playful temperaments and are loyal to their owners. They are also incredibly energetic and intelligent and must be given a lot of exercise and training otherwise things could get out of hand. They are incredibly bouncy but with proper training the boxer is the perfect dog for any active family.

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