Weimaraner Puppy

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This gorgeous boy is one attractive puppy. His sleek grey coat has made him popular, attracting the attention of fashionistas, artists, and hunters looking for a dog that blends into the background. He loves to run and adventure but he always comes back to his owner like a boomerang. He never wants to be apart from them for too long!

This beautiful dog has a noble history. It can be traced back to 19th century Germany when the nobility was searching for the ultimate sporting dog. The Archduke Karl Augustus of Weimar is credited with the creation of the breed, a mixture of German pointers, French hounds, bloodhounds, and the Hungarian Vizsla. Their purpose was for hunting big-game such as wolves and bears. But with the destruction of the forests and the populations of these animals severely diminished, the focus was turned to smaller animals.

The ‘perfect hunting companion’ needed many important traits. Speedy with good stamina, good vision, a great sense of smell, high intelligence, courage, and loyalty to their human. Combined with the beautiful colouring of their grey coat, the Weimaraner fit the bill and became known as the grey ghost because of the colour of its coat, eyes, and stealthy style.

As well as a hunting companion, Weimaraners make a wonderful family dog for an energetic household. They are intensely attached to their humans and love to show affection. This can lead to separation anxiety but if they get plenty of exercise, this can help. Because of their high intelligence, they also need diligent and consistent training. They have been known to open doors, gates, and turn the taps on, so once again, exercise is incredibly important to keep this sharp breed from naughtiness! They are very easy to train so fit right into the most loving of homes.

These beautiful dogs have been noticed by many and have been seen multiple times throughout popular culture. Most famously, the photographer William Wegman sent his pups to fame with his series of photographs of them dressed in all manner of human fashion. They have also been to the White House as the pets of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, featured on Sesame Street, and been a beloved pet of Grace Kelly.

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