Corgi Puppy

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This sweet girl may not look like an athlete but she really is! She loves to run and play and is anything but a couch potato. On her stout little legs, she can get into all sorts of mischief. But at the end of the day when she is all tired out, she is more than happy to curl up in front of the fire and have cuddles with her human.

These tiny little dogs come from the coastal county of Pembroke in southwest Wales (corgi translates to dwarf dog in Welsh) and began life as cattle herders where they would run after their much larger charges and keep them in line by nipping at their ankles. They were also used to herd many other animals, driving flocks of geese to market for example. They have been ranked 11th in ‘The Intelligence of Dogs’ by Stanley Coren which makes them a very good choice for a working dog, as strange as it may be to picture it. Because of their high intelligence, loyalty, and alertness, they were also used as guard dogs. A more mystical tale from ancient Welsh lore gives them the job as war horses for fairies with the pattern of their fur showing the saddle where the fairies once sat.

Corgis shot into the limelight with Queen Elizabeth II who took a shine to them at a young age when her father brought one home. She began breeding Pembroke Welsh Corgis and they became a constant feature of Buckingham Palace until she stopped breeding in 2012, not wanting any of her dogs to be left behind after her death. Because of this influence, Corgis will forever be linked to royalty.

For an active family, corgis make wonderful pets. Although they are small with stubby little legs, this breed is very active and needs lots of exercise to stay happy. Their high intelligence also means they need good training and stimulation. They are naturally cautious around strangers which is good if you want a watchdog, but early socialization can make them more comfortable if this is not a trait you want. With the right training, these adorable dogs make a loyal and sweet member of the family.

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