Jack Russell Puppy

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Jack Russell


This tiny little pocket-rocket can just go and go! He is little and springy and loves nothing more than to chase and run. His hunting days are still strong in his blood and the drive to run as fast as a horse will always be there. There are moments when he gets tired, and here is where he loves to snuggle up with his favourite people for a nice tummy rub.

These vivacious wee pups have been given their name from the first breeder, Reverend John Russell, both a religious man and an avid hunter who began breeding his perfect hunting companion in the 19th century. By breeding white terriers (now extinct) with English foxhounds, the Reverend began a specialised fox terrier (a name which referred to any dog used to hunt foxes at the time.) He wanted a breed that was speedy and feisty, happy to run down the little burrows after the fox and chase them out. Able to keep up with the hunter’s horses, these pups became a hit and were used for all sorts of small game hunts.

Their popularity can be seen across popular culture. They are to this day a part of the music retailer HMV’s logo after Nipper the dog inspired the famous painting ‘Dog looking at and listening to a Phonograph’ or ‘His Master’s Voice’ by Francis Barraud. A Jack Russell called Bothy also became the first dog to travel to both the North and South Poles in 1982. Jack Russells have starred in many films and TV series such as Frasier, Water for Elephant, and The Artist.

As a part of the family, Jack Russell owners need to be prepared for a super active dog. They may be little but are full of energy and need a large amount of exercise, stimulation, and training to keep them happy. They are very smart and can pick up new tricks easily. But these smarts also can cause them to be quite naughty so clear boundaries must be put down very early. If all of this is provided for them, Jack Russells make a wonderful member of the family and are nothing but full of affection.

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