Dalmatian Puppy

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This polka-dot lady is a beauty to behold, her sleek white fur with gorgeous spots making her stand out from the crowd. She’s always bursting with energy, always wanting to run and play which makes her the goofiest of her puppy friends, often getting herself into all kinds of mischief. She is really very sweet though and loves to hang out with her favourite human.

This beautiful spotted dog is like no other. They are grouped among the retrievers but they don’t seem to relate to any other modern dogs. It seems that these are very ancient breeds, potentially going back to 3700 BC in ancient Egypt where King Cheops who built the great pyramid is thought to have owned one. They have also been seen in ancient Greek frescos, wonderfully spotted (both black and brown) pooches chasing after a boar. One part of their lineage has been proven, they do not originate from the Croatian province of Dalmatia which their name would have suggested.

However far back they go, dalmatians have been a favourite dog over the years, especially due to their natural relationship with horses. They happily run alongside them and because of their athletic nature, can easily keep up. They became carriage dogs, trotting beneath the axles of horse-drawn carts and acting as protectors of the horses and passengers from any strangers. This natural protective trait also made them fantastic guard dogs while their hunting instincts made them great vermin catchers and hunting companions. But then came their most famous role, as firefighter pups. When horses still pulled the engines, dalmatians ran with them to protect and calm the horses while the men put out the flames. Once the automobiles came along the pups were technically out of a job, but many firefighters preferred to keep them around the firehouse as an honourable member.

While every child who saw 101 Dalmatians probably wanted to leap out to adopt one immediately (which many actually did), this is not necessarily the best plan for all. Dalmatians make a wonderful family pet as they are very willing to please and super affectionate. Yet this dog is not suitable for everyone. They need a lot of exercise and proper training as they are full of energy and very intelligent. They are also naturally very protective of their family as they bond very closely. Proper socialisation is necessary to keep them from acting aggressively toward others. For an active family who can give strong discipline, dalmatians are a delight to have in the family.

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