Meet the animals


How will a sculpture help endangered animals?

Because loving animals is the first step towards saving them!

At our cores, humans are social animals. In many ways, we need physical touch to form fulfilling relationships. When people feel connected to something, they genuinely care to help and get involved.  If a person were to meet Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, and feel his gentle

sadness, they would be unable to turn a blind eye. If they could share an afternoon with Koshik, the Asian elephant renowned for his intelligence, they would understand that we're not so different after all. Or, if they could speak with the Orangutan named Strawberry, who once used sign language to ask a girl for help against the destruction of her habitat...they would stop at nothing to save her.

However, the reality is that most people won't get the chance to get up close to endangered animals. That is why the artists launched #LoveTheLast.

Gillie and Marc's mission is to share the experience of being up close to endangered species, so that even people disconnected by urban environments thousands of miles away can love them too!

The artists and eco-warriors diligently study the animals they meet, ensuring they can recreate each one in their exact size and likeness. They pledge to visit all of the endangered species who desperately need our help, then bring them to millions of people around the

world so they can get up close to them as well.

Through captivating art, they introduce their names, personalities, where they live, and each detail the public needs to know so they can love them too! Gillie and Marc have learned first-hand the loving bond that is formed through touching and getting to know Earth's creatures! By creating an experience that allows people to deeply understand the real animal (rather than an abstraction that lives thousands of miles away)

#LoveTheLast not only empowers people with awareness, but also deeply moves them to save endangered species!

Gillie and Marc have selected the below animals. Their goal is to create each one into a sculpture and place one sculpture in each continent.

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