Unveiled in March 2018, The Last Three brought the last three northern white rhinos to the heart of New York City, balanced on top of each other to symbolise their precarious place in the world as the last of their kind.

By studying the animals closely, Gillie and Marc recreated the last three northern white rhinos, Najin, Fatu and Sudan, in a detailed and monumental bronze sculpture that at 17 feet high is the tallest rhino sculpture in the world. While the message is one of urgency, the artists don’t want people to feel alarmed but take a moment connect with these special animals.

Just three days after the installation, the last northern white rhino Sudan tragically passed away due to age related illness. He was the last northern white rhino. The sculpture then became a makeshift memorial for the endangered species and a beacon of hope for endangered species everywhere.

While the world lost hope for the northern white rhino, The Last Three serves as a reminder for the profound impact humans have on the environment for better or worse.

You can visit The Last Three at the Metro Tech Commons in Downtown Brooklyn, NY until 1st February 2019

Coming soon to San Antonio!