Gotenz is a thirty four year old male Orangutan living in the wild and remote rainforests of Borneo. The guides all describe Gotenz as mainly solitary and a bit of a loner, especially disliking the company of other males, although he is often the one most spotted by visiting groups which seems to suggest he is curious and enjoys the company. 

Gotenz uses his enlarged cheeks or flanges to make a long, resounding call which carries throughout the rainforest for almost a mile. He spends most of his day searching for food, which consists of fruits, leaves, bark and insects. One of his favourite fruits seems to be the very smelly Durian fruit!   

He is one of only around 20,000 Orangutans left in Borneo. They are now endangered primarily because their habitat continues to be destroyed and the practice of killing the mother in order to capture a baby for animal trade. Even though they are protected by international laws, it is difficult to enforce them.