Dunny was given her nickname by the park rangers who observed the wombat grazing in the evening around the toilet area, colloquially known as ‘the dunny’ by cheeky Australians! She is also the mother of wombat who is lovingly known as Dunny Junior or DJ for short.

A little more adventurous than the other 250 northern hairy-nosed wombats, Dunny and DJ have often been observed emerging from the burrow each night at about 5:30 pm. Popular with the park rangers, the pair have even been known to approach the rangers camp to graze on fresh grass and drink water from the tank.

While they keep their distance, the pair have a bond with the rangers who protect them and the other members of their species who rely on humans for protection from predators and introduced species. As a breeding female, Dunny is very important to the future of northern hairy-nosed wombat and if her personality is anything to go by, she is a good sign of things to come!