Wild Chimp Conflict


10 and 12

Chimpanzees are not always peaceful. Conflicts can often arise, from minor issues such as who gets the food to large scale warfare. This can be incredibly violent and chimps can even be killed in the process.

Conflict within communities can happen and alliances are important. When a male is trying to overthrow the alpha, things can get violent. With support from other males in the community, the ambitious males can lead great acts of charging to intimidate.

While Jane Goodall was in the Gombe Stream she was quite horrified when war broke out. The community had split, with two groups occupying two different areas. Over the course of 4 years, the northern community slowly picked off the members of the south, kidnapping and killing many of the group until the southern community was annihilated.  

​Based off real animals that Gillie and Marc met while studying, the public will be able to meet individual animals. This will help them to realise that there are apes with unique personalities, thoughts and emotions. The loss of one individual is just as devastating as losing an individual human.

With public art, more people will come into contact with these sculptures, will stop and consider them, will take a photograph, and will discuss this with their friends and family. Through this increased exposure, the message of love, family, and conservation will be spread much further than any piece of art in a gallery ever could. It will bring people into close contact and will help them to fall in love. With love comes a greater urge to want to create a change and save the great apes.

​The sculpture will be aligned with the hashtags #LoveTheLast and #ChimpsAreFamily to raise unparalleled awareness about the sculpture’s cause across the globe.

To help protect the great apes you can adopt a chimp and help them via the WWF: