The common chimpanzee and bonobo are the two extant species of chimpanzee, the species of ape that is most closely related to humans. More social than other apes, they live in the tropical forests and savannas of equatorial Africa where they live in communities of 20 to 100.
Covered in a coat of black hair except for their bare white faces and smooth black feet and hands, chimpanzees are highly intelligent animals which use tools to solve problems. Bonobos eat a mix of fruit and meat whereas common chimps eat mostly fruits and other plants!
Both species of chimpanzees are endangered with their wild population falling significantly since the 1980s due to hunting (primarily for meat) and destruction of habitat. There are estimated to be between 170,000 and 300,000 common chimpanzees and less than 50,000 bonobos left in the wild.