Sit Among The World’s Most Endangered Animals At This ‘Wild’ Couch Party In NYC

Artists Gillie and Marc have opened a brand new exhibition in NYC that invites all to come and party with some of the world’s most endangered animals.

The duo can be accredited for their previous works in NYC like King Nyani, the 5,000-pound gorilla statue that once lounged in Hudson Yards, and A Wild Life for Wildlife, depicting whimsical animal sculptures partaking in quirky human activities at the World Trade Center.

The newest exhibition, titled 
The Wild Couch Party features an expansive bronze couch, seated with Rabbitwoman and Dogman as the host, along with 12 of the most endangered animals in the world. An African elephant can be spotted in between the hosts with a Masai giraffe to the left of Rabbitwoman and even an Arabian red fox all the way on the far side of the couch. All animals are seen sharing coffee and cake, amidst what appears to be a fabulously engaging party.

The entire scene touches on the simple pleasures of human activities (as effortless as resting on a couch with those you care about) through the representation of beautifully threatened creatures at the hands of our actions. “Rabbitwoman and Dogman have… invited all these the animals as a symbol of love and support, welcoming them into their family and promising to protect them in every way they can,” explains the press release.

You can see The Wild Couch Party now on display at Fosun Plaza – 28 Liberty Street in Lower Manhattan. It will remain there through May 28, 2025.

Moreover, additional works from Gillie and Marc can be found nearby including Paparazzi Dog and Paparazzi Rabbit, as an artistic reminder to seize opportunities and embrace our talents, along with Friends Forever Bench that showcases acceptance of complete opposites. Learn more on Gillie and Marc’s website here.