They make a lovely pair

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Dimensions 45.0 x 56.0 x 21.0 CM ( H*L*W ), 15.1 kg

Materials Bronze with red and blue patina

Editions /10

In many cultures, the pear is a symbol of affection. After meeting and working with the last three white rhinos we have formed a deep affection to rhinos. We love them very much, for us they are our symbol of the pear, so, atop of this pear, elegantly balances the rhino. In Chinese, the word li means both pear and separation, so to avoid the heartbreak of separation, friends and lovers should never divide pears between themselves. To never to be separated from the rhinos and to avoid extinction, we must be very careful about how we share the earth, our pear, to avoid taking too much and leaving the rhino with nothing.