They loved being wild and free

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Sterling Silver Rhino Riders Pendant + Silver Chain

Dimensions 2.8 x 1.2 x 3.0 cm (H*L*W)

When Marc first met Gillie he instantly saw that her soul was wild and adventurous like his. He loved hearing about when she was a young girl in Zambia, running around barefoot observing rhinos in their natural habitat. Marc vowed that he would do whatever he could to help her save the rhino. Marc is also an adventurer and explorer at heart. In his early twenties he volunteered as an animal conservationist in East Africa during a civil war where he literally had to dodge bullets. Gillie and Marc created this pendant as a tribute to their public art sculpture – Shandu, the Buried Rhino. The multi award-winning artwork is the world’s largest rhino sculpture and has been educating people on the plight of the rhinos.