Lewis and a few of our favourite things

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In January 2020, fires devastated Australia, tearing across the country at a terrifying rate leaving homes destroyed, livelihoods ruined, and over one billion animals burned. Ellenborough Lewis the koala was pulled from the flames by the heroic Toni Doherty, who spotted the burned koala running into fires near Port Macquarie in NSW. The brave and loving actions of Toni gave Lewis another chance at life, a chance many of his fellow koalas did not get. Sadly, Lewis succumbed to his burns and passed away shortly after his rescue. Over 30,000 koalas died in the Australian bush fires with 80% of their habitat destroyed. Already in dramatic decline this has led them closer to being critically endangered. This memorial artwork to Lewis and Toni reminds us of the importance of human compassion and the role we all can play in conservation by simply stopping to lend a hand. The world has pulled together with millions of people committing to save koalas and other unique wildlife.