Gillie and Marc have been called the greatest creators of Public Art in New York’s history by the New York Times. They have dedicated their lives to saving endangered species through their love of public art, bringing the hard facts about conservation and, most importantly, the love of these animals into the thoughts and hearts of the public. After their recent trip to Africa, Gillie and Marc saw first-hand the devastating effects of human greed on the survival of elephants. Every day, 100 elephants are killed in Africa. This leaves approximately 30 calves orphaned, usually fated to die without their mother. This is a heart-wrenching statistic, fuelled only by the greed of humans, lusting after ivory products.

The illegal ivory trade is extremely profitable, especially on the Asian market, and has led to the slaughter of thousands of African elephants. Human greed and the lust for beauty to gain prestige is insatiable and is at the detriment to these majestic creatures. The Orphans sculpture hopes to give life to these animals, to help people to recognise where their beautiful trinkets come from, and what is at stake if we continue to desire and pay top dollar for them. This is the most important year to stop ivory poaching. Humans need to put their desires aside for the survival of another creature, to rid themselves of their selfish ways, and learn to love instead.

People need to see these beautiful creatures and understand the horrible impact our greed can have on other living beings. By creating a massive, beautifully crafted sculpture, Gillie and Marc hope that they can bring the issue of conservation to the forefront of people’s minds, to make them fall in love with elephants, and to make them want to create change. This issue can no longer be ignored. It’s time to save the elephants from extinction before it’s too late, this sculpture will be the most important elephant exhibition in the world!

As the second endangered species to be sculpted for history’s most ground-breaking conservation project, the orphaned elephants will be taking centre stage in both London and New York. The #LoveTheLast project has been launched by renowned artists Gillie and Marc in major cities across the globe, and are now introducing the orphaned baby elephants.

#LoveTheLast has made headlines for its innovative approach to conservation; inspiring change by drawing on the power of proximity to form loving bonds. Through their acclaimed art, Gillie and Marc’s mission is to share the experience of being close to the planet’s most critically endangered animals, like elephants, so that even people disconnected by urban environments can learn to love them.

Expertly sculpted in bronze, Gillie and Marc are creating one mother elephant with 20 beautiful calves surrounding her. This is representing the mother that has been stolen from these baby elephants, with the 20 babies recognising the number of calves orphaned each day due to poaching. The calves all run towards the mother, playing and jumping, trying to reach the mother they have lost.