Precious Creatures


For millennia humans have had an addiction to precious objects. Whether it be gold, diamonds, or ancient artefacts, we treat them with the utmost respect and reverence, displaying them on golden pillows or unbreakable cabinets in museums, palaces, and the homes of the wealthy, for all to admire. They cast a spell on us and we feel honoured to be in their presence and will go to any lengths to protect them.

But there are some creatures that are so precious yet do not receive this special care. These are the animals of the wild, the amazing creatures that live together in a delicate balance that makes our world so special. They are perfect and precious yet we don’t treat them as such. But what if mankind could give the same reverence, admiration, love, and protection to wildlife as we do to precious objects?


Now, this is becoming a reality. In this monumental public sculpture experience by internationally renowned public artists, Gillie and Marc, 12 of the most endangered animals are being put on display as the precious creatures they are. Expertly crafted in everlasting bronze and fast asleep on golden coloured bronze pillows, these precious baby animals have been given the life that they always should have had, a life where humans respect them.

To make things even more exciting, these sculptures are interactive. The large pillows are big enough not only for the precious animals but for the public too. Anyone will be able to snuggle up next to them, drink a coffee, or read a book. This will give the public a unique opportunity to get up close with these animals, seeing what they look like in minute detail, and falling in love. After all, it’s only through experiences that we form deep connections.

This sculpture is here to challenge the way we think about wild animals. It’s crazy that we put so much more value on a metal such as gold when these living, beautiful creatures are so much more precious. And there is a very real threat that we could lose them. The current rate of extinction is 12 species per day. We need to put a stop to this before it’s too late. 

It’s time to let the precious creatures rest in peace on golden coloured pillows, a symbol of our love and respect.

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