Head into the Wild


We each have our own unique stories, the stories of our lives. Only those who get a glimpse deep inside our heads and hearts will be able to understand them. But it’s not just humans who have these personal experiences. Animals do too. And they’re fascinating! Unfortunately, we often forget how individual every living creature is, never thinking to stop and listen to their stories. But if we took the time, then maybe we could become inspired. And more importantly, maybe we would be inspired to take action to save them.

The world is facing one of its biggest threats, the loss of biodiversity. Currently, over 32,000 species that are listed on the IUCN are threatened by extinction. One in 4 mammals are facing extinction and humans are the single biggest factor. Habitat loss, poaching, pollution, and climate change are some of the major ways we threaten the wild world. It’s up to us to change this.

In a 15 year project of love, Gillie and Marc are letting the people of London head into the wild in an intimate public art exhibition. Designed to give people a unique opportunity to understand animals on a whole new level, the public will be able to really get into their heads. They will get to look into the faces of the most endangered animals in the world and discover the most incredible stories. By learning about these diverse animals on such an intimate level there is no way they could walk away without feeling something extraordinary.

This is one of the most important public art projects of our time, a project that is focused on forging everlasting bonds of love that can save thousands of lives. Now is our chance to convince the world about the importance of conservation and keep the stories of animals alive forever.  

The Public Sculpture Experience

Standing at 2m are the heads of 12 of the most endangered animals in the world. Created by internationally renowned public artists Gillie and Marc and based on the many photographs and sketches they have taken of wildlife over the past 15 years, this monumental exhibition is giving the public a unique experience to come face to face with these threatened animals and face to face with extinction.

The 12 animals include the northern white rhino, chimpanzee, addax, amur leopard, western lowland gorilla, polar bear, red wolf, African forest elephant, hippopotamus, Tapanuli orangutan, lion, and the Asiatic cheetah. These animals come from all over the world, from the African savannahs to the rainforests of Indonesia. They are all beautiful, instantly recognizable, yet in desperate need of help.

In a fusion of conservation and contemporary art, the public is given a once in a lifetime experience. This public sculpture experience is letting the public journey emotionally into the heads of our most endangered wildlife. They will learn about the animals’ daily lives, what they eat, how they interact with their families, what their greatest threats are, and so much more. It is known that we only care about that which we understand, so this public sculpture experience is offering the deepest understanding of the lives of these beautiful animals.

To share these stories and make this sculpture have an educational and interactive impact, each individual animal comes with a QR code. The QR codes will enable the public to read about the unique story for each of the animals. They will also discover important information about conservation, sparking enthusiasm and generating awareness about the important work needed. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the public to get up close and personal with these animals and fall in love.

As the public goes to each individual sculpture they will be able to do what no one has ever been able to do before. They will be able to look deep into the eyes of the most endangered animals in the world, seeing in exquisite detail the lines and shapes of these unique creatures. And even better, they will be able to touch their heads with their own, a moment of deep reverence and love that will stay with them forever. Once they have made this connection they will never be able to look away again. They will become the new saviours of animals.

Conservation must become the most important issue in everybody’s mind if we are to change the path to save the wild world.

Head Into the Wild will be exhibited as a public exhibition in London.

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