Come out, come out hippo wherever you are

CURRENT LOCATION - April 2019 - Now
Cook Park, Bayside Council, General Holmes Dr, Kyeemagh NSW 2216
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Hippos are wonderfully bizarre creatures with barrel-like bodies, little stubby legs, and massive mouths that can produce the most impressive yawns. Spending most of their time in the water they are also surprisingly quick on their feet, running at speeds similar to a human. But the strangest hippo fact brought about the myth that they sweat blood. The truth isn’t nearly as terrifying, they secrete an oily red substance that works as a sunblock and germ repellent!

Hippo numbers are rapidly decreasing because of humans. Hundreds are shot every year from human-wildlife conflict. More are shot for their meat and ivory. In 2002, it was found that 5.5 tons of their teeth were exported from Uganda, equating to approximately 2000 hippos! Those in the ivory trade are very interested in hippo teeth since they are excluded from many of the ivory bans, giving poachers a loophole and a very good substitute to elephant tusks. In 2005, it was found that hippo numbers in the DRC had declined by 95%, associated with the Second Congo War and the poachers that sprung out of that.


The game of hide and seek conjures feelings from our childhoods of safety, love, and joy. Gillie and Marc believe that all people and all creatures have the right to live in a world where safety and love are the rule, not the exception. Unfortunately, safety is often seen as a privilege rather than a right for many species of animal and endangered species have had to hide from humankind for far too long. With Come out, come out wherever you are the artists call on the world to welcome these species out from hiding, into a place of safety and love.

What started as an entry to the prolific sculpture event, Sculpture By The Sea in Sydney 2018, turned into a global phenomenon. With many different endangered animals tentatively popping out of manholes in the ground, ‘Come out come out wherever you are’ drew attention to all the animals of the world who are dying because of humans. By bringing a reminder to people who would not usually see them, this sculpture calls for greater awareness of our impact on the beautiful creatures of the world and calls for everyone to allow every living creature the right to feel safe. The sculpture won the Allen’s People’s Choice Award in Sydney, with over 1 million votes cast. People all around the world identified with the sculptures and wanted to be a part of better tomorrow.


Bayside Council


The sculpture is aligned with the hashtag #LoveTheLast. Visitors will be asked to take a photo with the artwork and share it with the hashtag, jump-starting efforts to spread critical awareness. To help protect the hippos you can give a donation to any of the many amazing foundations such as the WWF: