The Last Two with Gold Horns

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Dimensions 19 x 47 x 13 cm (H*L*W) 6.6kg

Materials Bronze with gold patina

Editions /10  

This sculpture features Najin and Fatu, the only remaining northern white rhinos on planet earth. Najin and Fatu currently live at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, where they are protected from armies of poachers while living out their final days in peace. Since visiting the northern white rhinos in March 2017, the artists have been on a mission to create positive change through their work. This sculpture is part of Love The Last, a social movement driven by public art to raise awareness, funds and support for some of the world’s most endangered species. Gillie and Marc are installing sculptures all around the world to tell the stories of these animals and ensure they don’t leave us forever.